Case Studies

Strathclyde Police

Strathclyde Police: required beer mats, carrier bags & banners for use in Kilmarnock for an antiracist campaign we produced 10000 beer mats for use in local pubs, 14000 carrier bags for use in retail establishments & PVC banners that were on display around the town.

Strathclyde Safety Camera Partnership use a selection of production items with large print areas suitable to carry road safety messages, one of the most popular has been a board style ice scrapper with messages on either side. These have proven to be so popular that both the Highland & Tayside Safety Camera Partnerships have also purchased these from us.

Strathclyde also purchased a new design of sun glasses pouch & a soft PVC Shaped Keyring in the shape of traffic lights with a message on the back to warn against the dangers of going through amber lights.

Strathclyde Fire & Rescue

Strathclyde Fire & Rescue required softballs for children with a 2 colour logo, the standard balls available in Europe could only be printed 1 colour so we had these specially made in the Far East. They also required conference folders with calculators for use in a anti-drink & drugs campaign organisers, the print area were not big enough to allow the logos print clearly so had this modified so allow this to happen, they have just placed an order for a new campaign in Lanarkshire in corporation with their alcohol & drug partnership.

Robert Wiseman Diaries

We have made a number of Specially Commissioned Promotional Items for Robert Wiseman Dairies, a number of years back they asked us to source black & white wellington boots with their logo on them, we have now produced these on a regular bases with the item being used for special marketing projects & sold to customers.

They received a sample of a small torch in the shape of a cow which also mooed we were asked to source this & had torches branded in the with there own cow markings & logo.

Southern Upland Way

Last year the Southern Upland Way funded by Dumfries & Borders Councils purchased  35500 Coins to be left in boxes on the route for walkers to collect. The coins were made form pencil drawing provided by school children which we amend to have 2 dimensional coins in silver & copper manufactured in the Far East.


SAC required an all navy 3 in 1 jacket the standard one comes with a black fleece, we had these made specially for them & embroidered with their logo in 3 positions.They also required a special size mailing envelope for their prospectus we sourced & had this manufactured for them.

Ydrive North Ayrshire

Ydrive North Ayrshire which is run by the local council purchased the sun glasses pouches as a gift to newly qualified drivers at events they are running for them. 


Other items supplied include hula-hoops & pedometers for, mini footballs for Glasgow City Council plus pedometer radios for Coca Cola & the Great Scottish Run including pedometers, foldable frizzbees, draw string bags for Pedal for Scotland manufactured to a specific pantone that provided so popular they have been reordered for this years event.

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